Revolution Rub 3 PACK

Revolution Rub 3 PACK

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Pick up three bottles of Revolution Rub and save! 

Old Glory "Revolution Rub" was born out of a love for America and passion for the art of BBQ. 

Master your meats on a backyard or professional pit with the all-new, highly-anticipated Revolution Rub. This rub -- with its perfect coloration and flavor profile -- will make your ribs look and taste irresistible. 

Sprinkle it generously on pork, poultry or beef and earn the "pit master" designation from your friends and family because, trust me -- they're going to ask what your secret is. Happens all the time. 

Revolution Rub has all the elements of a tasty, southern rub, including brown sugar, chili powder, cumin and paprika. It also contains a special addition of premium spices that we can't tell you about but hope you'll trust us when we tell you it's mouth-watering. 

If you're ready to take your meats to the next level, give Revolution Rub a shot.

You won't be disappointed.